Activity 1 Blog summary

So to summarize the content of this week’s readings. The way a blog works falls under the label of a CMS (content management system) as a blog is made up of individual posts or entries which are dated and archived, displayed in reverse chronological order these posts make up a stream of media and articles as a blog grows and evolves. This setup “lets a blogger become a publisher, rather than just the author of a single or series of web pages”.

If utilized effectively, blogs have the potential to be a powerful means of reaching out and sharing ideas and media with the global online community. As stated in the readings too, effective and smart blogging techniques can take years to develop and is something one often has to persist with to reap the later rewards. A big part of this development for individuals as bloggers and publishers is growing used to and accustomed to the fact that they are in effect writing for anyone and everyone in the public forum as this immediate potential connection to almost anyone with an internet connection is possibly the most powerful aspect of blogging as a medium. Miles talks about publishers changing from writing in a “semi private” way to publicly.

A large part of what I took from these readings is that now more than ever before, we need to develop good online communication ethic, no matter the tone or context of our online expressions. This brand of communication is fast becoming possibly the most prominent for businesses, creatives, activists, etc so it’s of paramount importance that we develop the skills required to manage and maintain not just our personal blogs but our online presence. (so i’ll take out the 420 and 666…& the word dank from my blog title) It’s a step in the right direction surely.



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