Activity 2. TCU BMX & ADAM22

History of TCU

So “THE COME UP” is a bmx blog created by a blogger called Adam Grandmaison (known as Adam22 online). What attracted me to THE COME UP initially was the content, of course being bmx. This blog has grown and evolved like crazy since it started in 2006. What’s impressive to me is not just this blog but Adam22’s relentless drive and work ethic. Nowadays Adam’s personal output has shifted to vlogging on YouTube. However  From this initial blog, Adam has almost single-handedly grown a media and bushiness empire that includes a street-wear and bmx store and brand (ONSOMESHIT LA) one of the biggest podcasts in the world that featuring interviews with up and coming rappers, bmx riders and even other youtubers (NO JUMPER), connections with some of the most well known filmers in the industry such as John Hicks as well as rappers like Xavier Wulf, Bones & XXXTentacion. I could froth this stuff all day long.

The above video is by John Hicks

The main appeal of THE COME UP and what Adam22 had envisioned when he started the blog was to appeal to the average kid kicking about with a bmx bike on the streets by relating to them more so than the giants such as DC for  example which were seen by many as tacky corporate ventures to make money from a market that was and is still emerging. Representing street culture within bmx in more down to earth, gritty but humerous and self deprecating way compared to the superficial feeling of fluro sick colured bikes and indoor company skateparks with a backdrop of dubstep (the image of the sport and culture as presented by the corporations) TCU & OSS came out on top.

Surely a lot of this can be better explained in person haha.


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