Ethical Blogging

A 10 point guide to ethical bogging

Reading this article or rather, list has reminded me that there is a lot more that goes into proper ethical blog conduct than simply not directly offending anyone. As the list states, it is important in the online community to keep in mind that what you publish isn’t “in a vacuum” and that for the sake of other people it is important to distinguish between and outline the  content of your blog clearly to avoid confusion for example the difference between ‘fact’ and ‘opinion’.

Another think to consider is the potential impact of what you’re publishing or condoning on your blog as the internet is full of very different individuals that may be offended by touchy content. This really comes down to being conscious and  wary of your output to a potentially massive audience. However while an amount of control should be exercised over the content and culture of a blog, freedom of speech and community involvement should still be encouraged  as the ethical blogger should provide a space for individuals to happily share and consider each other’s opinions ideally.

An ethical blogger should also be transparent about influences and conflicting interests occurring that my have effect on certain posts as it provides context and background knowledge for the audience who will in turn be able to interpret the post in a more truthful or accurate way.


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