21st of March last 24 hours of online activity

In the last twenty four hours or so I’ve used the internet and online services in a number of different ways, both publishing and consuming media. I’m in the habit of checking Soundcloud and Youtube regularly even though these days I don’t spend as much time watching vlogs as I used to. I’m on these sites / apps a lot because I’m really into most of the content in my feeds and follow a bunch of creators fairly closely (mainly BMX and Car guys). I spent a lot more time on Youtube say than Facebook although I do like getting into banter with my friends in the comments on meme posts, apart from this I don’t really use Facebook as much these days if you don’t count the messenger app.

I browsed Instagram a lot in the last 24 hours and even posted two short, edited video clips from when I was in Japan, otherwise I screenshot a lot of memes to send to people if I’m honest. I checked Snapchat a handful of times, watching people’s stories and updating my own whining about the rain. Me and my friend Sam always aim to make the funniest snap-stories when we go out for a big one so we can watch them the next day and have a giggle.

I check gmail a handful of times too and emailed about readings for cinema studies, I have two google accounts I use, one for RMIT and a personal one which of course means basically have two profiles for almost all Google services. I switched between these accounts at least 5 times in the last 24 hours to access stuff relevant to different parts of my life, gets a bit annoying.








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