Online use 3

So today (being the last 24 hours) I’ve again used Soundcloud the most as well as the messenger app to contact some of my old friends and organised to meet them next week. Snapchat again being an ongoing factor. To be honest I think I’ll delete snapchat for a while because I can feel myself getting sucked into it lately which sucks. I watched youtube for ages last night since I really just find it interesting to see the different types of videos people are putting out. This definitely influenced my dreams as I drempt I was hanging out with Stevie Churchill (a pro BMX rider) at this bike shop and I had a pair of vans which had a small Japanese dog living in them which attracted all these old people to with cameras when he popped his head out. Bit weird but it’s a show of how the media we consume effects us subconsciously I guess.


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