Online activity 6

I found myself downloading a bunch of apps onto my relatively new phone today Including Tinder, WhatsApp & Twitter, definitely spent the most time on twitter during the day especially after I found a page called “Rate My Doggo” which is just full of pictures of people’s dogs with funny captions and stuff. I naturally spent a lot of time looking at memes on instagram as always and needless to say listening to trap on Soundcloud. Google maps got used a lot more than usual as I went to go see my Nonno in hospital and had no idea how to get there, Google Maps on reflection is extremely useful and extremely annoying to use at the same time as the gyroscope calibration never seems to be right even with a new fully functional phone, you kind of know where you are but not which way you’re pointing. Again used the messenger app mostly to get my social life organised with people however I do spend a lot of time taking with one of my closest friends from primary school, today was no exception.


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