Final Essay

This essay was really different to anything I’ve done before writing wise, I definitely struggled with the content and how to write about / present it in this assessment. Somehow It didn’t take me long to go over a thousand words while typing this up even though I still felt like I didn’t know what I was doing. Certainly the most valuable part of this exercise is that it made me more aware of my recurring and annoying habits and prompted me to make a change.



Analysis Blog 3

When reflecting on my two former posts on the topic of documenting and beginning to reflect on my online habits listed over seven days, I think that within my writing I don’t include the fact that I found it really difficult to remember separate aspects and parts of my online practices as they’ve become like second nature to me, and as I said in my second blog post, I’ve never considered considering them until now. That element of tedium and frustration at remembering important stuff to use for evidence was definitely left out. When evaluating given information, I think I have a lot of room to develop better skills when it comes to being more critical and to the point. I also probably could glean a bit more from my findings in order to provide more points or angles to include and work from within my essay.  I think my essay will focus on how our online use can reflect and change with our exterior lives, and what this may mean for me in particular (having all of the documentation done on my use of course) I then could expand the discussion and talk about how these trends (seen within others too) may reflect the outer world and the changing face of media to bring it back around to the very base topic.

Analysis Entry 2

Reflecting on the process of documenting and then publishing my online media use and practices, I think that It was a lot harder to author and publish in a way that was simple to read and make sense as it just seemed to be a lot of random information to me. Another thing I found difficult was to write or document in a way that just went beyond listing essentially the same habits day by day as my online use didn’t really vary that much, even the process of blogging and posting the research itself was the same sort of process each day. To present this information in a more meaningful way I tried to add in aspects of my own thoughts or to start reflecting early on the emerging patterns and trends to possibly better unpack them in the essay. This process definitely wasn’t what I expected as I realized that I started reading into everything a lot more than I thought I would and even changed my habits halfway through the documentation period, it was a lot more than creating a simple list each day thinking wise. I disliked the fact that I found myself writing almost the same sort of thing most days and I had to think of ways to make each post still somewhat valuable as a source of evidence to draw on in the essay. One thing that I did like was that I’d never really considered my online habits and practices until now and it highlighted both positive and negative aspects in my view that again I’d never realised.

Analysis blog entry one – evidence

I think the first thing to say about my process of documenting online use over the last week or so is that it was messy. I started on the day we were given this assignment with what I thought was a fairly thorough list of online apps and services i’d used in the past 24 hours, I then proceeded to forget all about this documentation and went a week without writing anything. When I did get back onto it I started focusing more on the daily habits and patterns I started to see, for example it quickly occurred to me that I’m addicted to watching YouTube and trawling through my SoundCloud stream. I realized too that I spent lots of time updating my story on Snapchat. It’s funny because out of the few apps that dominated my use Snapchat annoyed me the most so my research lead me to delete that app altogether. I think since I got back onto the documentation and was able to start recognizing recurring trends and patters within my use and factors that influenced them including the day of the week and whether I was at home in Bendigo or not, my research began to start actually bringing up potentially useful findings to use in the essay.