Analysis blog entry one – evidence

I think the first thing to say about my process of documenting online use over the last week or so is that it was messy. I started on the day we were given this assignment with what I thought was a fairly thorough list of online apps and services i’d used in the past 24 hours, I then proceeded to forget all about this documentation and went a week without writing anything. When I did get back onto it I started focusing more on the daily habits and patterns I started to see, for example it quickly occurred to me that I’m addicted to watching YouTube and trawling through my SoundCloud stream. I realized too that I spent lots of time updating my story on Snapchat. It’s funny because out of the few apps that dominated my use Snapchat annoyed me the most so my research lead me to delete that app altogether. I think since I got back onto the documentation and was able to start recognizing recurring trends and patters within my use and factors that influenced them including the day of the week and whether I was at home in Bendigo or not, my research began to start actually bringing up potentially useful findings to use in the essay.


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