Analysis Entry 2

Reflecting on the process of documenting and then publishing my online media use and practices, I think that It was a lot harder to author and publish in a way that was simple to read and make sense as it just seemed to be a lot of random information to me. Another thing I found difficult was to write or document in a way that just went beyond listing essentially the same habits day by day as my online use didn’t really vary that much, even the process of blogging and posting the research itself was the same sort of process each day. To present this information in a more meaningful way I tried to add in aspects of my own thoughts or to start reflecting early on the emerging patterns and trends to possibly better unpack them in the essay. This process definitely wasn’t what I expected as I realized that I started reading into everything a lot more than I thought I would and even changed my habits halfway through the documentation period, it was a lot more than creating a simple list each day thinking wise. I disliked the fact that I found myself writing almost the same sort of thing most days and I had to think of ways to make each post still somewhat valuable as a source of evidence to draw on in the essay. One thing that I did like was that I’d never really considered my online habits and practices until now and it highlighted both positive and negative aspects in my view that again I’d never realised.


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