Online Use 4

Over the weekend I was back home in Bendigo with my parents and I found myself using extra services ontop of the established bunch such as ABC iView to watch police dramas with mum and a cartoon site called Kiss Cartoon to watch extensive amounts of “We Bare Bears”. It seemed that my online use really slowed down over these few days while involving the same general apps as I spent a lot more time at the pub with dad for example or watching the F1 race rather than being on my laptop rushing to get work done or watching copious amounts of youtube. I remember in particular showing mum and dad the snapstory from the F1 practice session but apart from that I even used Snapchat less despite my general increased use lately.


Online use 3

So today (being the last 24 hours) I’ve again used Soundcloud the most as well as the messenger app to contact some of my old friends and organised to meet them next week. Snapchat again being an ongoing factor. To be honest I think I’ll delete snapchat for a while because I can feel myself getting sucked into it lately which sucks. I watched youtube for ages last night since I really just find it interesting to see the different types of videos people are putting out. This definitely influenced my dreams as I drempt I was hanging out with Stevie Churchill (a pro BMX rider) at this bike shop and I had a pair of vans which had a small Japanese dog living in them which attracted all these old people to with cameras when he popped his head out. Bit weird but it’s a show of how the media we consume effects us subconsciously I guess.

Media use post 2

Over the past week or so I have basically used all of the same apps and online services that I mentioned in my first research post as these uses of social media and browsing habits have become engrained into my every day routine (including media factory and wordpress for readings and other work). Reflecting over the past week I can confidently say that I have used Soundcloud the most out of any other app or site as I have my earbuds in for most of the day it seems. I also used the NAB app a bunch of times to transfer money to top up my miki and such and my snapchat use definitely spiked during the practice day for the Albert Park formula one race as I was constantly updating my story.  I feel that I’ve been online a lot less this week except that I found myself emailing my parents a lot more than usual since my grandpa is in hospital at the moment. I guess this is a show of how our online use can differ depending on what is going on in our external lives.

Blog Interface

This super impressive image is a rough sketch of my blog page. I chose a relatively simple theme that features a head image and title with posts laid out in reverse chronological order underneath.

I believe that this theme makes for a very user friendly interface as it presents the content of the blog in an ordered and un-cluttered way, there are also archive links in the side column for quick access to earlier posts on the blog. Having an interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate for all that may be viewing the blog potentially means opening up your content to a wider range of audiences who may not all be as experienced on the internet.